Persia’s Latest Scene

I am answering email and have the most spectacular view out in in Southern California! I did two very hot solo scenes for yesterday. For you guys that like me as the Office MILF, you will love these. I will blog about all scenes as I do them each day. I will have lots of new photo galleries and a very, hot squirter scene for you when I return.

Kisses to All of You!

3 thoughts on “Persia’s Latest Scene

  1. Jose lino

    Oh my!!!! Can’t wait to see them! I can’t say u will let me down because everything u do u look fanatastuc in! Hope to meet u soon one day! Love alaways lino:)

  2. RonGetzLucky

    Good to see your having so much fun in LA, wish I was out there to have some fun with you of course, but hopefully we’ll be able to meet up really soon ;~}

  3. Kevin Allen

    I still find it impossible to believe that you now and you in the aug 99 issue of gent are one in the same woman. I know it has been over 10 yrs but you are not any older just more beautiful and sexier than ever before. The only way to explain this is you are a goddess from mythology and immortal and just get sexier and more beautiful with the passage of time. My greatest wish and fantasy would be to become your most faithful worshipper and to sacrifice my virginity to you my goddess and to have you teach me everything you want and need me to know to please and pleasure you everyway possible

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