26 thoughts on “PIE FOR PERSIA!

  1. Blackzilla

    You have seen American Pie way to many times are you going to play the part of stiflers mum haha!!

  2. Persia Post author

    Ahhhh! A sploshing fan! It will be my first pie video. I have been wanting to do this since I can remember. I will have a beautiful woman with me too!


  3. Persia Post author

    Pink and Blue are my best colors. Would you like that kind of pie on my boobs? Or what kind of pie would you suggest?


  4. Sungod

    Well…chocolate cream pies are the messiest….so you might wanna try them..in any case…use several….I want to see you totally covered from head to toe!

  5. Persia Post author

    I hear these shoots require 25 to 50 pies. I wonder if it will turn me on or kill me with laughter?


  6. Sungod

    From what I’ve seen, I think you’ll be turned on! Opt for the 50 pies! Three Stooges style…Who is your favorite Stooge? Moe is my favorite, because he threw the pies! I guess watching all those Stooges after school when I was a kid growing up in Chicago has some benefit after all!

  7. Persia Post author

    I liked Moe too for the same reason. My Mom didn’t like that I liked it so much she thought I would have an aggression problem….she was half right!

  8. Sungod

    Too funny…..how long do you think you’ve had a pie fetish? Do you prefer seeing a man or a woman being hit with pies? Will this be your first experience with pies (messy fun)?

  9. Persia Monir

    I like both sexes hit with pies equally. Yes, I am a virgin splosher! Have you been pied. You must have since you are the Sungod and all! LOL! Hey, why weren’t you at my video show? Not a member?

  10. Pieguy

    Hi Persia

    So glad you cant wait to get pied. Also I love sploshing a “VIRGIN”!

    I do have some kinky and erotic scenes in mind for you and the pies

    See ya soon

  11. Sungod

    LOL..then I should be the “Piegod”…YES! I have been pied, uhm, shall we say “several” times..from charity events to messy pie role plays with some lady friends!l ol Video show?
    Check out these stooge pie links…from one “Moe-ist” to another!

    Be sure to check out Moe’s “caking” in the last link…I’ve re-created it a few times om YIM cam for a few of Lenny’s friends!!!!

  12. Sungod

    Well…based on my own clinical research supporting that of umd.net, ONLY 1 out of a few hunders pie fetishists has ever complained about bruising….most comments were complimentary about the “hard fucking” they received before, during and of course, after the pies were “delivered”..LOL In shorts, hopefully mine..LOL…no worries hun..LOL

  13. Sungod

    You are indeed! Hope you use only the gooiest, sloppiest, messiest pies! Head to toe coverage….LOL…lick lick!

  14. Sungod

    Already checking flights from Chicago…..throwing YES!…but I LOVE to LICK too!!! Clean-up is oh so much fun!

  15. Sungod

    A favorite was to pie a lady friend from behind…pie in each hand…smooshing them all over her big tits, making her a “pie-bra”….she loved it..so did I! Funny though…she could never decide what was funnier…having pies smashed all over her ass, as she was bent over…OR sittimg on 2 of them..”accidentally”..lol

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