I will continue to write about piracy, so get used to it. I guess a person or persons that join my website continue to post MY videos on xvideos.com and pornhub. Information is so accessible on the internet that people assume they have entitlement to others intellectual property. One can pay $24.99, rip off my content and put it on another site. This is stealing!!!!! Besides stroking their own egos, nothing is to gain. Because of the piracy, I have had to cut back my updates to every other week. I will continue to produce new material, but I don’t know for how much longer.

Since I have cut back production and piracy is rampant on the internet here is the trickle down effect: I haven’t used my makeup artist in 6 months, two of my photographers are working for their children; I rarely rent location space anymore, webmasters, editors, and potential talent all lose clients (that would be me the client/producer). I have to assume that this is going to continue for awhile until some kind of regulation is put into place. The world wide web is the wild west of modern times.

I want the people that are stealing to step back and think about their actions. They probably don’t have jobs or much of a life, or maybe they just work for free. So with what brains you have, think about what you are doing. If you want to help create jobs in the U.S. and around the world, then stop stealing and stop piracy. Where is the integrity and respect for others, lost in cyberspace?

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