Plane Ride

So I am on the plane to LA. I met a really nice guy AL sitting next to me. We got lucky and are the only row with an empty seat.  He has a fantasy like so many men about being in the porn business. So what do you guys think? Should I suck his dick right here. We are having turbulence which is good for bobbing action. I really don’t get the mile high bullshit about doing it in one of those nasty plane bathrooms. Gross! The voyeur in me would rather do it right here in the seat and get everybody staring at us.

11 thoughts on “Plane Ride

  1. Persia Post author

    This is Al… (internet on the plane is awesome!)… So as I am sitting here thinking I am the luckiest business traveler on the plane and totally turned on by my row companion, I’m also thinking the mile-high club idea is a great one!! … I guess if I want to be in the movies, I should try out a little public display of affection and see if I can _rise_ to the occassion. We’re way in the back so it would be perfect…

  2. Lucky Al

    I would like to thank Persia for allowing me the opportunity to become the newest member of the mile-high club… apparently I have passed the first test for potential amatuer porn material… to say Persia is hot and awesome is an understatement… breakout the cell phone camera Persia… I am ready!

  3. Persia Post author

    We did it! Lucky Al has his hand on my thigh. What a great cock and balls he has. He went to the back and got a blanket and covered me up about 4 times while I sucked his juicy cock!!!!! It has been a flight to remember. Foreplay for Lexington!

  4. Lucky Al

    Hey Persia, you think we have time for a “lay over” in the airport??? I think I have an hour before my next flight! Maybe they will be some more turbulence during the landing we can take advantage of!!! You are awesome!!! ;-)

  5. Mr. X

    Mr. X is coming over. You had better be leathered up and ready to get your pussy eaten. I can’t wait to taste your asshole!!!!!

  6. Mr. X

    Thanks my love for a great time. The smell of leather across my face is going to make me sleep well tonight!!!!

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