11 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Persia Post author

    I am sending you a fresh photo that I took last night. In a week or so I will take another one for you Mikey. I should be sending it around 5pm my time. Love your emails.

  2. Evan from LA

    Love you Persia! I hope LA treats you right. I just moved out here from Florida and have been working at a movie ranch near Hollywood….just wanted to say you are by far my favorite MILF ever, and if I could have the chance to be one of those lucky guys, I would take it in less than a heartbeat! Kudos!

  3. Mr. X

    As the one who saw your growing bush last, I must say that it is so tasty and wonderful to see that nest growing again.

  4. RR

    I know I told you how much I like bush, can’t wait to see it. Feel free to send me a pic of your progress…

  5. Persia Post author

    Hello Evan, Please send me your contact info in LA so I can call you while I am there! I am going to be a very, busy beaver!

  6. Rico Shades

    Persia hey babes. It’s been a long time. Glad to see you are coming out west. Let’s get together and shoot some stuff during your stay. A combination of paid and trade would be good. I’ll give you a call. xo

  7. piestud

    Hey Persia, love your pie stuff. Shoot me an email so we can exchange info, would love to call you when you are in LA.

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