Scene With Lexington Steele

MILF MAGNET #5 has been released by Mercenary Pictures. I am getting lots of emails from you guys that love that scene. Yes I do have great chemistry with Lexington Steele. The first time we shot the scene was by a swimming pool and then he picked me up and fucked me while holding me up in the air then carried me inside. Unfortunately, the tape got messed up in production and did not record. We had to do the scene again, but did it differently. I will be going to LA next week and hope to shoot with Lexington again while I am there.

4 thoughts on “Scene With Lexington Steele

  1. Mr. X

    Very hot scene with Lexington Steel. You take that thing like a champ. Tomorrow baby you get your red leather dress…I cannot wait to see your beautiful sexy body wrapped up in that leather….Yum, Yum…

  2. TR

    Greetings from Finland !

    I just received MILF Magnet 5 a couple of days ago in the mail and I have to say you have overnight become one of my all-time favorites ! Your scene is unbelievably hot. There´s no way I can watch the whole scene from start to finish without…ahem…ejaculating all over the place. I´ll have to start collecting all your other DVDs.

    You have incredible, huge and natural breasts. Beautiful eyes and smile. Wonderful, juicy butt and the most gorgeous pussy. I thought Christy Canyon or Tracey Adams had the prettiest pussy of all time, but yours is even prettier. Hairy and full-lipped. Amazing. Also, judging from your website and the behind-the-scenes material on MILF Magnet 5, you seem to be an intelligent and charming woman in real life as well.

    I hope you keep making lots of DVDs in future.

  3. Persia Post author

    So glad my scenes are keeping you warm in Finland! Let me know what other scenes you want to purchase. I am always thinking of new scenes, no slow down in site!

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