Scenes Coming Your Way

Okay boys! It is a big production week. I am off to Ft. Lauderdale first to go to a Pie Party. Lots and Lots of cream pie! I plan to make a very, sexy pit stop on my way there. I will try to get a video of my first escapade as it is going to be steamy hot!

Now I am counting on all of you studs to show up for the Gang Bang on Tuesday morning. However it goes, I will have video of something I promise you that!

Wednesday, I am filming a naughty, nasty dungeon scene. I will be the restrained submissive ( my natural role) for the long, awaiting MASTER X!

I am taking a mini vacation at the end of the week and then back to work to film all the crazy scenes that are in my brain!

10 thoughts on “Scenes Coming Your Way

  1. Persia Post author

    I love the suggestion. Please send me a specific fantasy and I will be sure and act it out for you! Thank you.

  2. Tom

    I’d love to be pied by you…buuuuut that wont happen I’m thinking :P. But as a big pie fan, I’m having problems being fully satisfied by my own pie in the face materials. I love the stuff you get hit with but…thats just it. Where are you getting those pies? I’d love to know. Help out a fellow pie kinkster in need.


  3. Mikey from Scotland

    Would I be alone in asking for something a little naughty and perverted like maybe you pissing Persia, or even (gulp) taking a steaming big shit from that perfect round ass of yours?

    Rough double penetration with two really big cocked young guys would be nice too.

    Just a few random thoughts….


  4. Persia Post author

    I don’t do poo poo or vomit scenes. Did you see me pissing on my slave in “Mistress Persia’s Foot Slave”. He drank a BIG gulp of my delicious lemonade!!!!!!

  5. Persia Post author

    Hello Tom, my kinky pie friend, be optimistic….I hope to pie you one day. We get our pies at Walmart and Publix. They are red, chocolate and yellow. Simply grand!!!!!!

  6. Mikey from Scotland

    Jesus Pers. I Sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo want to drink a nice tasty goblet of your piss!!! Infact fuck the glass, I’ll take it straight from the source!

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