Schedule Update

Hello Everybody in Cyberspace! I hope you all are having a wonderful Summer. Mine has been a blast so far! I am happy to report that I am playing more golf this year than ever and am enjoying more than ever even though most of my tournament scores are high. Tomorrow I am off to Pinehurst to play in a tournament. I will only have one day in North Carolina to visit any fans that want to meet. That would be next Thursday the 23rd of August.

In September I am off to Maui the first week (Yes! Nude beach for Persia’s hairy beaver) and then hope to get to New York City and Philly towards the end of September. I will be posting those dates as soon as I book them. I won’t be traveling overseas this year, and I really miss you guys in the UK!

Watch for new scenes coming to Persia’s Palace. I will be putting a very, steamy Birthday Sex scene up this year the week of my Birthday! Thanks for all your lovely emails and your support.

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