Mr. X gave me a beautiful cum shot in my black leather gloves a few days ago. He got me so turned on that I had him come over and worship me last night. I was wearing black, thigh high boots, black leather bustier and black gloves. Just him rubbing and smelling the leather made my pussy so wet! I shoved his head down on my hairy cunt and made him eat me until I had a screaming orgasm! Ummmmmm! I love you Mr. X.

9 thoughts on “SLAVE DIVINE!!!!

  1. Mr x

    Persia, seeing you encased in all that leather was amazing. You are the very best. Can’t wait to see you and worship you again REALLY soon. Love ya

  2. Persia Monir

    Oh! THAT RONNY!!!! LOL! Nope. The identity is a secret, that is why he is Mr. X. I have another video clip of him coming soon. It is going to be hot!

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