A man called me today in request of my autograph on 80 photos of me that he had. He was willing to pay $1.00 per photo. I have been signing photos since 1994. Sometimes I sell them and other times when a fan brings me a magazine that I am published in I will sign for no fee. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate my fans, especially the ones that are members of my website. So anyway, I asked this man where he had gotten the photos. If they are from a show like AVN or EXXXOTICA, those photos are public domain, no problem. These photos have been taken from various websites. I will not condone or sign any stolen property! Producers and photographers spend fortunes in production and do not appreciate other people stealing their material to resell!

All of us producers in the adult industry are battling the tube sites which are giving content away for free. If this pattern continues, then we will be out of business just like people in the music industry have been put out by limewire and other ripoffs.

I thank all of you for supporting those of us in the industry that are surviving this trend. Please continue to help us. Nobody can afford to work for free in any industry.

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