Stony Curtis Photo Shoot

My second shoot in LA was for Stony Curtis! I just love his name! Very imaginative and funny. Better than that, his videographer was Chuckie Sleeze! You all have already seen the clip of his house. The pool was gorgeous and the house very cheerful. Ralph Long and Onia Nevaeh were my co-stars. We started the scene in a car in the driveway. Onia ( my daughter) and I were out of work and looking at the want-ads. I find a phone number advertising for mother/daughter porno shoot for fast cash! Onia has to read the number since I have MILF vision and can’t read the small print, LOL! The two of us go for the interview and SURPRISE! we get the job. This scene was so far the best chemistry between everyone that I have ever had on a set. Chuckie Sleeze had been a party animal the night before, and was suffering from sleep deprivation. He asked me some question about my hairy bush and I told him that I liked it furry! This struck his funny bone and he fell over laughing until he was crying.  I could tell Chuckie had excellent video skills, so I can’t wait until the scene is on the world wide web. Stony Curtis is not a fan of hairy pussy, but maybe my acting ability can change his mind. The next day my agent said Stony complained that I had hairy legs!!!! I WAS SHOCKED!  I NEVER HAVE HAIRY LEGS! I told him. I concluded that he reviewed the video and confused my hairy crotch for hairy legs! LOL! It is a fabulous scene and Onia and I are practically lovers now. We will be doing more content on my next trip to LA.

2 thoughts on “Stony Curtis Photo Shoot

  1. jake

    hey persia its jake lets get together and do a scene as we spoke about contenet exchamge sometime next week lets you and i spend a whole day doing intro and scenes together
    call me at 954 662 2923
    i left you a message on your 561 number i lost my phone and your cell also. looking forward to working with you. and i have a much better stage name

    dick gozinya.

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