Thanks For The Suggestions

I just want to take a minute to thank all of you who have sent me suggestions for filming different types of scenes. I love your ideas and plan to use most of them. Lots of great scenes will be coming to the website this summer. We are filming two great belly dancing scenes this month! The more experience I get as a producer the better the scenes are and the more fun too! Please continue to send me your feedback.

8 thoughts on “Thanks For The Suggestions

  1. will dollar

    hey persia, my name is will. i guess i’ve been living under a rock for the past three years but, you the hottest milf on the net. i’m turning into a huge fan. so when is your next shoot and have thought about doing a fan gangbang?????? Keep me posted i love to hear from you some time.

  2. Longhorn

    Hi Persia, I thank you so much for your very great website!! I love it!! And I’m you very big fan!!

    You’r like a sweet dream come true!
    I would like to meet you one day for a hot fucking. My dick is getting HARD like ROCK just watching you clothed imaging unclosed ;)

    Your body is just VENUS!!

    Your eyes are MAGIC, I’m really in love with your magic eyes!!



  3. Jim

    I am glad to hear that you will be filming the belly dancing scenes. I find belly dancing very erotic was going to suggest such a scene myself. Someone may have already requested this but I would like to see a “belly dancing striptease” until you are completely naked, and then ending with some hardcore action (preferably boy-girl).

  4. Steven

    would be nice watching a your scene like those of Milf Cruiser, a guy (or better two) pick up you in the car, you show him your tits and pussy, he caresses you, kisses (you are great doing petting), then you make him a blowjob, then go home and fucking hard

  5. seth

    Dear Persia
    I know its getting hotter out here now that its summer, I would think that its about time to start sitting by the pool in a bikinie. I am sure a hot milf like you could seduce the poolboy/ paperboy/ delivery boy. I would even be willing to bet that they would tell there friends about you so that there friends could come over and meet the hottest Cougar in town. I hope this idea helps.

  6. Ashkan gilani

    Hello Miss Persia…….just wanted to say i love your vidoes and being a perisan my self makes me even more intrested in your vidoes once i found out your half persian……… 28 born and live in sweden stockholm but my mom and dad are both persian………your movies in my opinion are the hottest out there …….and i think your a really sexy looking lady ……..have a great day……..hugsssss (((Ashkan)))!!!

  7. Persia Monir

    Hey you guys….Sorry I am tardy with my comments. Busy traveling and working hard. Will, I would love to do a fan gangbang. Want to organize it?? The week of the shoot everybody would need a test done. Stiff cocks are a requirement and no bellies.

    Maybe you can recruit Longhorn for me.

    Steven and Seth, I love your scene ideas and will try to use both while I am in LA this month.

    Ashkan, I have never been with a Persian man. I would love to meet you!

  8. RonGetzLucky

    Well I think the first thing we need to do is figure out if I’m coming down there or your coming up here for us to shoot some stuff together. I’ve been waiting and waiting ;~}

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