The “Why I Love MILFs” PersiasPalace Contest!

OK guys, I know you like MILFs. Wait – you LOVE us MILFs!

So to reward you for being such wonderful MILF lovers, I’ve decided to launch a “Why I Love MILFs” video contest!

Here are the rules – read them carefully…

1. Make a short video explaining why you love MILFs. It can be short, long, creative, documentary-style, with or without music, amateur, or professionally shot. The main goal is to share your “MILF-Love” with me and the world!

2. Upload your video onto YouTube and then email the video URL to me at  so I know where to find it.

3. Videos will be added to my blog in the Contest section at persiaspalace.comas well as my YouTube channel, so that we can see all the submissions.

4. Deadline for video submissions is March 31, 2010.

5. I'll choose the top 10 Finalist videos.

6. Then there will be an online poll so everyone can vote on their favorite MILF-Lover video. Prizes will be awarded based on who gets the most votes!

7. Prizes:

FIRST PRIZE (1): A date with your favorite MILF, Persia Monir!
We'll figure out the time/place/date of the date after the winner is announced.

SECOND PRIZE (1): A one-year membership to

THIRD PRIZE (3) A one-month membership to

FOURTH PRIZE (5): A signed 8x10 of your favorite MILF, Persia Monir!

8. REMEMBER: The videos need to be about your love for MILFs, not necessarily about your love for me!

Share your MILF-Love with the world! I'm excited to see what you can create, you naughty boys and girls!


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