Torn Between Two Lovers

Yes, I admit it….I have two lovers. My computer and the golf course and not really in that order. I even tried to cancel the golf game I have because I love working on my website so much, but the golf course wins today.

You guys can call my new number for free 561-327-4062 and leave me a message and I will call you back when I am finished with golf today! I hope to talk to all of you!

6 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Lovers

  1. Malik

    I realy love you are my dream girl i dont know why but you are so cute and sexy girl. I saw your videos your work is very good and i appreciate you.

  2. Jose lino

    Omg u can’t stop putting a smile on my face! I love to go golfing too!!!! But it’s good to know u have a great commitment with your fans and that’s what makes u an awesome person;)

  3. Mr.Davey Post author


    You may love golf and your website but because of what you do on your website (flaunt your sexuality) you know the golf world does not love you. Nor do the members of your website really love you. They just want to see you exploited and degraded. That’ s how the perverted one’ s get their kicks; by seeing you and other beautiful females and males getting fucked and degraded. The truth will set you free.

    mr. davey

  4. Long Dick Sam Post author

    Mr Davey
    You are probably some fat woman that hadn’t been layed enuf. Or maybe someone
    screwed you in the ass while your head was up it and your constipated head is
    permanently stuck. You don’t know this woman, I do. Long before she got into the sex
    industry. You were born about 200 years too late. Or belong at the Salem witch burnings.
    Suck shit and call it love story you fart breath SHITHEAD!
    Long Dick Sam
    ps..maybe a colonic?

  5. Mr. X

    Mr. Davey,

    I know your sad story. Your striking out with Persia should not lead you to degrade her. She has a chosen profession. She is very good at it. She is a loving and caring mother, a true and caring friend…of which I can attest to because when I was ill with cancer she never ever let the doctors take my care for granted. She was with me each and every day.

    Your view that she is being degraded is your view. Quite simply if you do not like it, stop looking at her website. If you want to stalk someone come stalk me…I will make you wish you had passed away long ago. She is my friend, not my lover, my friend. I can beat anyone and everyone who plays golf and looked at her website on the golf course. Golfers enjoy beautiful women too.

    By the way, you referred to beautiful males…may I suggest gay porn for you. Leave Persia alone or I will absolutely, positively make sure you do not see next week!!! I will beat you in to wishing you were a towel boy in a Turkish prison. Go away.

    Your truly,

    Mr. X

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