The Trapeze

I had a wild weekend!  My  friends from Indiana came down ( we met 3 years ago at the AVN show in Vegas).  A hot spot for couples in Ft. Lauderdale is definitely the Trapeze (swing club).  It was the owner’s birthday so the place was packed! A Hugh Hefner look alike was in the crowd. I would love to share the photos I took with him, but they are too dark.  Anyhoo, the Trapeze is the best fun if you don’t go looking to get laid or have a great time….it just happens.  I casually went to the bar to refill my wine glass and a very, hot blonde chick just walks up to me, puts her hand on the back of my neck and puts her soft lips and tongue all over mine.  She was stunning! Tall, tan, slender, blonde, blue-eyed, naked with pierced nipples.  She kept kissing me and going down on me, then went down on a hot brunette sitting at the bar and then kissed me with the taste of her pussy all over her face.  My friends and the crowded room just loved this display. More memories at the Trap. Hope your weekend was a good as mine!

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