Whew!!!!! I am like on some kind of rollercoaster and it has a G- force that is memorable. Lots of cock, lots of golf and lots of stuff I just can’t write about. It is for me to know and you to not find out about. Ha! Ha! Soooo! I just had an incredible time in Vegas and Pebble Beach. If my Italian tart is reading this, I am sooo sorry that we were so exxxxed out that we missed you at the end of your shift. I do know where you work and I will find you again.

I am off to Pinehurst for a kind of serious tournament. They really only count if I win or place, right? Don’t think I will be able to see any fans in North Carolina since I will be back in the woods. Next I am back to Florida for a week of shooting then off to Maui for a week of fun and islands to explore.

I am really hoping to get to Philly and New York in the fall and as much as I wanted to go to Australia, I think that I will have to spend the rest of the year in the U.S. Stay tuned as I may book a trip with Sexy Vanessa to the Northwest to chop some lumberjack wood. Those guys all have beards and need to eat more pussy. We really wanted to go down under, but the demand in the U.S. keeps us cummming back. Look for hot updates and BTS clips soon!

Love you all,

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