Virgin American Airlines

I flew Virgin American Airlines this weekend and WOW! What an experience! The pilot was hanging out talking to us and comforting an elderly woman who was afraid of flying. The First class cabin was like being on a private jet. The seats recline all the way back. The staff is happy and they bend over backwards to accommodate every passenger. They are young and good looking too! That is a refreshing change from any other airlines I have flown. The indirect lights are neon purple and the blankets are red. It was like being in a strip club in the air. (I happen to love strip clubs). The coach section is about the same as first class. On your TV monitor in front of you, there is a menu and if you click on the window with the fork and knife, it pulls up a food menu. You can select anything to eat or drink and Voila! it is delivered to you within minutes. There is only one drawback on Virgin Airlines….you are guaranteed to gain weight if you fly too often. Hats off to Richard Branson for his vision!!!!!!!

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