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My first webcam show on Persia’s Palace was last Friday. I was Nurse Persia for the show. One member showed up and we had a fabulous session together. I will really like when I have at least 20 guys jerking off at once. All you fans in the UK let me know the best time to do a show for you. Don’t forget to request fantasies and costumes.

Lots of Kisses,

Persia Monir

6 thoughts on “Webcam Show

  1. realhmf


    I was feeling soooooo special! Do I gotta share your webcam show next time? (whine)

    Hey! all you folks out there in Persia land …… DON’T MISS THE NEXT ONE! It was a great HOT time!

    take care

    The REAL! (one and only) HMF

  2. Jemileh

    Madam Persia, more costumes please. Like you I’m Muslima in love with passion & sexyness. I would request you do more skits in Hijab. I would request you be naughty Nun too. I like forbidden passions. I look forward to see you appearing on video. Can you please update your filmographie for fans?

    Sign me a fan and admirer.

  3. Ramon

    i’d love to watch your webcam show…

    keep me updated and I’ll be sure to watch. Can’t wait. I don’t know how u feel about drugs, but I think a really good show or video would be watching you fuck while you were on Ecstasy. If you’ve done it before u know an orgasm experienced on E is like nothing else u could imagine. And if u haven’t done it, let me and the rest of your fans experience the fun with you.

    Just a thought to think about… and then actually do.

  4. Persia Monir

    Hello Ramon,
    Ecstasy is lots of fun, but white powders aren’t a part of my life. I am crazy without the chemicals!!! I plan to do my next webcam show with my burka on. Stay tuned and look at the calender for the show date! Thank you for your comments.


  5. Jemileh

    No, no drugs. I hope you Madam Persia know the negative effects of drugs as a nurse.

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