Wild Persia Adventure

I have lots and lots of sexual adventures and stories. Here is one for the archives that happened this week. A gentleman I used to hang out with when I worked at the Cheetah III called me the other day. From time to time we get together and and do crazy things. He is a voyeur and loves to have a couple of girls get it on, but his favorite is to watch a girl tease men and then get it on with them. We decided to take a cruise down to Miami and found a video store with a back room where you can watch a porno film privately. These places have been around forever in south Florida! What do you know? My friend happened to know the owner. He was hot too!! My breasts were spilling out of my dress and I started teasing the owner by showing him my nipples and playing with them showing him how easily they get hard. Before you know it, he has my skirt up and is eating my hairy bush. He locks the front door and spreads me out on the leather sofa and starts eating me out while my friend is watching. I naturally give him head and then he pulls my legs over my head and starts pounding me with his very, fat cock. He fucks me about ten minutes then blows a big load all over my hairy pussy. My friend is about to explode. I take out his cock and suck him off until he explodes in my mouth. They both give me a big slap on my ass and then I am off to another wonderful day at the golf course! It is times like these that I wish I had the video to share with you all. This was a good one!

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